Sunday, 19 January 2014

My pick for the 2014 Original Song Oscar winner

I have to say I know very little about the films competing for the Academy Awards this year. Last year was very exciting because Les Misérables was nominated in so many categories, and I even watched the whole awards show for the first time in my life. I haven't seen any of the mega-awards-nominated movies from this year (such as 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle), but I decided to do my research  in at least one category: the Best Original Song nominees.

So now I'm going to list all the five Original Song nominees from my least favourite choice to the one I would want to win the award – with comments that justify their placement in that order, of course. I haven't seen any of the films where these songs appear so I will judge their qualities as individual songs only, not taking into account how they function in their respective films. If you've already done your research and made your pick, see if your opinion agrees with mine! And if you haven't I'll embed videos of all the songs so you can choose your favourite now.

#5 The Moon Song from Her

The Moon Song gets the last place in my ranking because that kind of guitar-plucking, wheezy-voiced style of music never resonates with me. I'm surely not the only one who can't make anything out of half of the lyrics because they just get blurred into oblivion? And because of that, I have completely no idea what this song is even supposed to be about!

#4 Alone Yet Not Alone from Alone Yet Not Alone

Every time this song begins, I think "It's actually quite a beautiful melody." But by the time the tune rolls halfway through, I'm bored. I don't know if it's because of the lullaby-esque rendition or the fact that I can't relate to the lyrics at all, but I. Get. Bored. It's by no means a bad song, just not at all Oscar material. (and even though it has nothing to do with the song itself, I just have to wonder who on Earth, in the 21st century, makes a film that has Native American characters without hiring actual Native Americans... Seriously, the black wigs and the feathers don't trick anyone anymore)
EDIT// As of January 29th, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has disqualified "Alone Yet Not Alone" as a nominee. Composer Bruce Broughton personally contacted some members of the Academy music branch (of which he used to be the governor) during the voting period in order to get more attention for his song, which the Academy considered unethical. A replacing nominee has not been chosen.

#3 Ordinary Love from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

This song, by the U2, doesn't awaken any thoughts in me, either positive or negative, so the middle is a good place for it. Because of this lack of feeling, I find it hard to say anything about it. I just don't quite grasp what the lyrics are trying to say. What is the definition of "ordinary love" and why is it better than "extraordinary love"?

#2 Happy from Despicable Me 2

Finally this list gets to the songs that make me say "Yeah, this is awesome!" I dare you not to tap your foot to this one. There's never too many happy songs on this planet, and Pharrell Williams has something really cool going on here. The song might be a bit too long and the lyrics get somewhat repetitive, but that instrumental background is just too infectious to resist!

And the winner should be... Let It Go from Frozen 

Alright, before I say anything else I have to admit that I might have been a little biased in this song's favour from the start. I heard and fell in love with Let It Go weeks before I knew anything about the other ones. Besides, I just happen to be in a situation in my life right now where inspirational songs like this are like chocolate. Oh, and I've been a huge fan of Idina Menzel for years. But well, no matter how many times I listen to all the Oscar nominees in different order, this one always wins. None of the others have those amazing piano runs in the gaps between the verses, and as a Finn who knows everything about the combination of cold and dark I wholeheartedly congratulate Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (the husband-and-wife team behind this song) on managing to create the winter night atmosphere right in the first few bars of the song. A great song, there's no getting over it, and it should definitely win the award. And they should definitely get Idina Menzel to sing it at the gala, that would be one bullet-proof way to bring some quality into that show. If she doesn't, I'll be sad. If they get Demi Lovato to sing her version of it, I'll roll my eyes.

What's your pick for the award winner? Are you going to watch the gala, and if so what are you most expecting to see? I'm really excited to see Ellen DeGeneres hosting the show! I know she's done it once before, but I didn't watch that year. However, I've come to realize that the clips from her show are one of the best and funniest things on Youtube, which is why I think she'll make a very entertaining hostess.


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