Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Carol Count-down!

So we are FINALLY done with November – joy joy joy!!! I did a bit of Christmas blogging last year, which made it quite apparent how fond I am of this particular, approaching holiday. Normally, the first thing I do in the name of Christmas love is buy myself an advent calendar, and right up until this year there was an absolutely lovely one with illustrations by Rudolf Koivu, who will get his own blog post soon. However, now they've stopped making it for some inexplicable reason! And once you've grown used to having a Rudolf Koivu advent calendar, you can't really see the point of getting any other calendar. So I won't have an advent calendar on my wall this Christmas season, but I came up with something else.

I'm going to count down the days till Christmas Day by posting my 24 favourite Christmas tunes! Christmas carols and other holiday songs are one of my absolute favourite things about this holiday, so of course I want to spread the love on my blog. The title of the post says Christmas Carol Count-down, but I guess some of the songs I'm going to share won't be traditional carols, strictly speaking. I'm going to edit the songs into this same post each day until December the 24th (because that's where a Finnish/Nordic advent calendar ends, we don't celebrate the actual Christmas Day that much which is weird) and in case somebody missed my Christmas posts last year, let's link them in before we get to caroling:

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Now then, let the count-down begin!

Day 4 – Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

I couldn't help thinking about what my Christmas wish list might possibly contain. I don't care so much about all the luxuries that Eartha Kitt sings about here, though. This is a funny, ironic jewel among Christmas songs, which tend to be either solemn or boisterously merry.

Day 3 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland

I haven't seen the film Meet Me in St. Louis where Judy Garland originally sang this song, but I definitely mean to. I've always agreed with this song in the fact that Christmas is the time to be close to your loved ones and have merry thoughts. That, combined with Judy Garland's flawless voice, makes this one of the warmest Christmas tunes in the world.

Day 2 – The Little Drummer Boy by Stevie Wonder

Even if I don't celebrate Christmas for Christian reasons, there are many carols with a Christian message that I absolutely adore. The Little Drummer Boy has been one of my favourites since I was very small, and I think the wonderful Stevie Wonder does the best version of it. The background instruments are perfect and Stevie Wonder sounds beautiful. Enjoy.

Day 1 – White Christmas by Bing Crosby

This is an undying classic for a reason. Many other artists have of course covered this song on their Christmas album, but in my opinion, nobody captures it quite like Mr Crosby. I'm completely in love with his voice and my Christmas celebrations are never complete without this one.

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