Friday, 7 February 2014

Tag: Ask my bookshelf

A friend of mine posted a really fun tag in Facebook, so I decided to share it here at Music & My Mind and pass it on to other bloggers! The idea is to answer the questions below with titles of books from your own bookshelf – just the titles as they are, no modifications or explanations! The questions are translated by me, because that friend in Facebook posted it in Finnish.

1. Are you a man or a woman?

Little Women

2. Describe yourself

The Hobbit

3. What does life mean to you?

Shakespeare & the Making of Theatre

4. How are you doing?

A Storm of Swords

5. Describe your current home.

The Two Towers

6. Where would you like to travel?

A Tale of Two Cities

7. Describe your best friend.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

8. What is your favourite color?

Black Beauty

9. What is the weather like now?

Wuthering Heights

10. What is the best season in your opinion?

The Winter's Tale

11. If your life was a tv series, what would it be called?

Unfinished Tales

12. What is your (romantic) relationship like?

The Casual Vacancy

13. What are you afraid of?

A Communicative Grammar of English

14. Aphorism for the day.

Tales of Mystery & Imagination

15. What advice would you like to give?

As You Like It

16. How would you prefer to die?

1000 Places to See Before You Die

And now it's time to tag some people and pass on the fun. I'll tag Frankie SavageIndigo Montoya and Hamlette. There are no rules here as to how many people you should tag, and of course anyone is free to pass this on!

Have fun perusing your bookshelves!


  1. What fun! My version is here. This was a great way to spend part of my Friday afternoon :-)

    1. I'm glad you liked it, I thought you might! :)

  2. This is so interesting, I have to make my answers soon:)

  3. I finally got round to doing your tag. It was challenging but fun :)