Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What's been eating Mizzie's blogging time?!

As you can see, my Christmas calendar blogging failed massively... I'm finally back now and I can tell you why it failed! I think there are two reasons for it.

Reason number one: I think I mentioned somewhere that I got involved in amateur theatre. I've been part of a new Chekov-themed production there as an actor as well as a dramatist. We've been having performances over the first weeks of December, and our final (sold out!) performance takes place today! So my Christmas mood got sort of swept away by all the theatre rehearsals and performances.

Reason number two: When I posted those couple of Christmas posts in the beginning of December, I was in such a jolly holiday mood, but... then it mysteriously wore off. This has never happened before, Christmas has always been so important for me! Spending all that time at the theatre might be one reason for my tragic loss of Christmas spirit, but I think the weather is another. As a Finn I grew up with "White Christmases", and now all the beautiful snow that we had a couple of weeks ago has been swept away by warmer temperatures and some disgusting rain. And it looks like there won't be a proper winter weather in sight till January...

Fortunately, I think my "Christmas low" is slowly starting to turn upwards again. One big booster happened today, when I came across a wonderful new version of one of the most beautiful Christmas carols ever: O Holy Night by the amazing JOHN OWEN-JONES! If you've got Spotify, go find it there right now. Unfortunately the song doesn't exist in Youtube yet, so as the "song of the day" I'll feature the same carol, but by Christina Bianco... and all her spot-on famous diva voices! Enjoy!

Christmas posts coming up: My relationship with religious-themed Christmas carols (such as O Holy Night) and thoughts on Charles Dickens' legendary work called... A Christmas Carol, what else?

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