Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week: Miss Saigon Trivia Quiz!

I love quizzes, so I decided to make one where you can test your knowledge of Miss Saigon! I'll be posting the right answers on Saturday, when Celebrate Musicals Week comes to an end. Till then, you can send your answers through this post's comments! Well, of course I can't stop you from keeping your answers to yourself, but all bloggers love to see comments on their posts! And on Saturday, the one who reached the highest score will get... An honorary mention and eternal glory. (I'm sorry, were you expecting to get tickets to the show?) There won't be much point in quizzing if you all go and Google the answers, so please play nice :) However, checking out my previous Miss Saigon posts for possible hints is by all means allowed!

Now go and have fun with the quiz little dears – I will go "engineer"...

1. Where did Claude-Michel Schönberg get the inspiration to create Miss Saigon?
a) He met an old Vietnamese woman who shared her memories of the Vietnam War.
b) He saw a picture of a Vietnamese mother leaving her child with an American GI.
c) He made a trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Which opera is Miss Saigon based on?
a) La Bohème
b) Carmen
c) Madame Butterfly

3. Which character sings If You Want To Die In Bed?
a) the Engineer
b) John
c) Kim

4. In which West End theatre did Miss Saigon originally play?
a) Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
b) Prince Edward Theatre
c) Apollo Theatre

5. The Last Night of the World is
a) a solo
b) a duet
c) an ensemble number

6. In 2014 when Miss Saigon returns to London, how many years will it have been since its first opening?
a) 15 years
b) 20 years
c) 25 years

7. Lea Salonga first auditioned for Miss Saigon in
a) Los Angeles
b) London
c) Manila

8. Monique Wilson was an understudy for Kim and also played the role of the bar girl
a) Mimi
b) Gigi
c) Yvette

9. What is the name of Kim's cousin whom she was supposed to marry?
a) Tam
b) Thuy
c) Tranh

10. What locations does Miss Saigon take place in?
a) Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok
b) Bankok and Singapore
c) Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

11. How many characters die on stage in Miss Saigon?
a) One
b) Two
c) Four

12. There is a song in Miss Saigon called The Morning of the...
a) Phoenix
b) Battle
c) Dragon

13. Who was elected Miss Saigon at the Engineer's night club?
a) Gigi
b) Yvonne
c) Kim

14. What is the Engineer's night club at the beginning of Miss Saigon called?
a) American Dream
b) Dreamland
c) Saigon Ladies

15. The Engineer is half Vietnamese and half...
a) Dutch
b) American
c) French

16. Fill in the lyrics: "Vietnam, hey look I mean you no offence. But why..."
a) does everything make sense
b) does nothing here make sense
c) does no-one here have sense

17. The lyrics from the previous question are from
a) Why God Why?
b) The Heat Is On In Saigon
c) Now That I've Seen Her

18. What is Chris' vocal range?
a) tenor
b) baritenor
c) baritone

19. In the new production there will be a song called Maybe, sung by
a) Ellen
b) Chris
c) Kim

20. Which of these can be seen on stage in Miss Saigon?
a) a train
b) a truck
c) a helicopter

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  1. Okay, trying this – without any help from Google, I promise... I don't really know that much about Miss Saigon, but let's see how well I'll do! :D

    1: b, 2: c, 3: a, 4: a, 5: b, 6: c, 7: c, 8: b, 9: b, 10: a, 11: b, 12: c, 13: a, 14: b, 15: c, 16: b, 17: a, 18: a, 19: a, 20: c