Monday, 17 June 2013

How to succeed in organizing your sheet music business without really trying

As a result of this year's singing lessons, I had a binder full to bursting point of sheet music. Then I decided that collecting sheet music from musicals would be an especially fun thing to do. So I went to the local library, not expecting to find much... and came back with six books. When I had copies taken from all the music I wanted from them, I'd have a sheet music catastrophe in my hands. The solution: a whole new binder just for musicals!

So I went and bought

  • a cute red binder
  • a tab organizing whatever-it's-called thing where you can sort the papers in alphabetical order
  • a plastic thingie (apologies for my lack of filing-related vocabulary) where you tuck in the papers so that they stay nice and smooth
  • cute sparkly stickers!

Now it's ready to accommodate stacks of new sheet music! (The light makes the binder look a bit pinker than it really is)

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