Monday, 23 March 2015

Time for another blog birthday: Ask Me Anything!

My recent Blogger Recognition Award post gave me the chance to look back on how my blog came to be. Now, dear readers, April 15th – my blog birthday – is approaching again, and I had so much fun celebrating the occasion last year that I'm going to do it again, and in similar fashion – by hosting an Ask Me Anything event.

Ask Me Anything is quite self-explanatory – if there's any question under the Sun to which you would be interested to know my answer, here's your chance! While coming up with words of advice to new bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award, I discussed how I think it considerably ups a blog's readability if you get the feeling that there's a real person behind the blog posts. So, this is a chance for my readers to maybe get to know me a little better, and to ask any questions that don't really fit into our normal means of blogger-reader communication – the comments section, that is.

So does Anything really mean... Anything? Basically, yes! While I'm always happy to discuss anything related to my usual blog content – books, fictional characters, trends in the culture scene, and some more books, etc. – you don't necessarily have to stick to these. The only real limits I can think of are 1) I obviously won't be giving out any personal information such as my phone number or my whereabouts and I still don't want to share any pictures of myself, 2) everything concerning my family members and friends is strictly off the Internet. Now I can't really see why anyone would have a burning desire to ask anything that oversteps these two rules, but there they are, properly worded, for clarity's sake. Obviously, I reserve the right to ignore any questions that I don't feel comfortable answering for one reason or another, but it's more a precaution than an actual worry. Honestly, the more creative and thought-provoking questions you come up with, the more excitement it will bring to me as a blogger!

I hosted my first Ask Me Anything event last year, you can see here what my readers asked back then. This year, I will give the Answer Post on the proper anniversary date, April 15th. So, you have a little over three weeks to submit your questions to the comments section of this post. Don't be shy, we'll have fun celebrating! It makes no difference whether you are a regular guest or a new visitor, an active commentator or a quiet reader – everyone is sincerely invited to celebrate the second anniversary of Music & My Mind!

Oh, in case anyone was wondering why there haven't been that many blog posts lately (because I was) – honestly, I've just got too many great blogging ideas zooming around my head and I can't decide in which order to deal with them! And as if my already-existing projects (such as all the various reading lists you can see on the top bar) weren't enough, some ungovernable part of my mind decided that now was the good time to start re-watching Doctor Who from the 2005 Series One onwards, with a notebook – yes, I really do that when I want to review something properly. So, expect crazy-long reviews of the eight series of "new" Doctor Who; I really hope to finish them by the time Series Nine arrives!

That will be the end of this not-so-short announcement – let's get ready to party!


  1. Excellent! Here are my questions:

    1. If you could play any character in a musical and/or play who would it be and why?

    2. Can you rank the Dickens novels that you've read so far?

    3. Would you rather J.K. Rowling wrote a series about the Hogwarts Founders, a series about the Marauders or a series about the next generation at Hogwarts?

    4. If you could put various 'Doctor Who' Doctors and companions together for a one-off episode, who would you pair up? For example: you could have 9 and Martha in an episode together, 10 and Amy, 11 and Donna, etc

    5. What are your top 5 Disney films? *It doesn't have to be set in stone!*

    6. Have you seen any Jane Austen adaptations? If so, which did you like best?

    7. You're a polyglot (which is awesome!): what's your favourite word in Finnish, Swedish, English, French and Spanish?

    8. What's your favourite pizza topping?

    Looking forward to those Doctor Who reviews and your Sherlock vs Elementary post when you eventually get round to it! :D

    1. Hannah, these are amazingly awesome questions! I'll have such fun thinking about these over the next couple of weeks :)

  2. Your Hogwarts house, wand and patronus? :D

    1. Oooh, Hogwarts-related questions are always much appreciated here! :D

  3. What animated movie do you wish they would make a live-action version of next? Who would you cast?

    What musical NEEDS a movie version but doesn't have one yet? Again, who would you cast?

  4. Eeeeep, what fun!:)

    1) What is your opinion on the subject of Ramin Karimloo?
    2) Have you seen the new "Cinderella" movie? If so, what did you think?:)
    3) Do you plan to pursue a career in theater/musical theatre? Are you a soprano or an alto? (Sorry...looking back, that sounds a little weird. If those are personal, don't answer, obviously:D )
    4) What is your favorite version of The Phantom of the Opera? (Meaning any book, movie, or stage adaptation.)

    That's all I've got for now;)

    1. Welcome to the blog, lovely to see you here!