Thursday, 6 November 2014

Library treasures

Hi everyone! The local library was holding an outlet book sale, meaning they were selling out their old library books for just TWO EUROS each, so of course I went. Good thing too, because I found some pretty amazing books. 

First, something you never see on the shelves of Finnish bookstores: ALL of Charles Dickens' Christmas stories! 

Christmas Books contains all of the novellas, of which I've only read A Christmas Carol so far.

Christmas Stories compiles all the short stories, and I don't remember reading any of these. What a happy Christmas I'm going to have, getting through all of this!

Then there's this one little book that I picked up just because it was pretty and French. 

And finally, indulging my habit of collecting sheet music from musicals. 

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  1. Our library had a book sale this weekend! Love those. Spent just under $20 and got two BAGS full of books. Ten or twelve for me, ten or twelve for my kids, and the rest for friends and some of my nieces and nephews. I LOVE buying used books :-) Looks like you found some real treasures too! That Dickens collection looks lovely.